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ABRSM Performance Grades

ABRSM Performance Grades
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Course 1: Video Exchange
The best way to stay at home to prepare a remotely assessed examination.

This course is tailor-made for students who plan to join the ABRSM Performance Grades Examination.Students can record a continuous and unedited performance of the four examination pieces.Our instructor will give about ten minutes of professional comments and guidance, including the interpretation of each exam piece, how to plan the programme order, video recording tips, etc., to help students prepare for the best.

What You will Learn…
  • professional comments and guidance
  • more room for improvement
  • prepare for the best for the final recording

Course Fee: HKD400.-

Course 2: One-on-one LIVE Online Piano Lesson (30 minutes)
Students can further polish their techniques after the video exchange session. By taking the one-on-one online piano lesson, our instructors demonstrate and explain directly through the real-time online lesson(s) to improve the efficiency of preparing for the examination.

When You will learn…
  • about selection of exam pieces and repertoires
  • how to prepare for recording
  • overcome psychological stress for shooting session
  • real-time explanation by instructor
  • solve all doubts of students

Course Fee: HKD500.-

Course 3: One-on-one LIVE Online Piano Lesson Grades 1-8 (2 lessons per month for 2 hours)
One-on-one online LIVE piano lessons save students’ travelling time and make piano lessons work efficiently at home.

Course Fee: HK$1500 for two sessions

Course 4: One-on-one LIVE Online Piano Lesson Grades 1-8 (4 lessons per month for 4 hours)
The one-on-one intensive online piano lessons save students’ travelling time and let students practise effectively in a short period of time and achieve the best results.

Course Fee: HK$2800 for four sessions

Christina Kwok

  • The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Junior Programme Student
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (BA, major in piano performance)
  • Royal College of Music (PDG Dip with RCM scholarship)
  • Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester (MMUS with Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund)
  • Former pianist, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
  • Former lecturer, Macau Polytechnic Music Department
  • Former lecturer, Hong Kong International Music Institute

    Teaching Subject: ABRSM Performance Grades 1-8