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Music Theory

Music Theory (Grades 1-5)

18 lessons, total 36 hours
The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in or wishes to obtain any qualification in basic music theory. It is designed with the base of ABRSM music theory Grade 5 examination. Different from learning grade by grade, the course combines all contents in the whole syllabus and divides or reforms into several categories and beneath several chapter headings, and finally presents a specific ‘system’ which helps students more easily to categorise, absorb, and memorise all the knowledge in the syllabus.

Anyone who is aged 10 or above may take this course. Any experience of studying music is NOT required.

Course Outline
1 Basic Knowledge of Music Notation --
2 Time Signatures – Simple Time --


3 Time Signatures – Compound Time Terms and Signs (Grade 1)
4 Time Signatures – Irregular Time --
5 Scales - Major Terms and Signs (Grade 2)
6 Scales - Minor --
7 Distinguishing the Key --
8 Intervals Terms and Signs (Grade 3)


9 Compound Intervals/ Technical Names Terms and Signs (Grade 4)
10 Triads and Chords --
11 Cadences and Setting Chords / Basic Instrumental Knowledge Terms and Signs (Grade 5)


12 Transposition --
13 Chromatic Scales / Ornaments --
14-18 Basic Knowledge of Music Notation --
(Mr. Henry Tsang, tutor of Hong Kong Music Conservatoire, will assist in the lessons.)

What You will Learn…
  • Basic knowledge of music notation, time, scales, intervals, chords, instruments, transposition, chromatic scales, ornaments, and application in examination questions

Course Fee
Full Course: HKD3800

Dr Samuel Tam

  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Founder, Hong Kong Music Conservatoire
  • Writer of “Systemizing Music Theory of ABRSM - Grades 1 to 5”
  • Hong Kong Composer of serious music
  • Producer of Hong Kong popular music

    Teaching Subject: Music Theory (Grades 1-5)