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Music Arranging

Music Arranging
Music Arranging
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Introduction to Instrumental Music Arranging

4 lessons total 2 hours
This course will introduce the basic knowledge and principles of instrumental music arrangement and demonstrate with examples how to operate the notation software to arrange music scores. Music teachers, conductors, instrument instructors, and DSE music students are welcome, or for those who are interested in orchestral arrangement skills. Learning music arrangement also facilitates students to apply in the fields of performance, conducting, and music teaching.

Requirement: Music theory Grade 5 or similar.

Course Outline
1 Essential Knowledge of Music Arranging
2 The Fundamental Principles of Scoring for Strings and Wind Sections
3 The Basic Concepts of Scoring for Orchestra
4 Demonstration on Scoring for an Orchestra

What You will Learn…

  • What is music arranging and its essential knowledge
  • The difference between arranging and scoring
  • Basic principles of scoring for instrumental sections and orchestras
  • Actual procedure to transcribe from a piano score to an instrumental section and orchestra

Course Fee:
Single Lesson: HKD600
2 Students: HKD400 each
3 Students: HKD300 each

Alfred Wong

  • Active composer and arranger
  • Guest Lecturer, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Winner of 2014 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards (Best Serious Composition)
  • Bronze award in the ‘Xinyi Cup’ assessment of works for Chinese orchestra by young composers, jointly presented by the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture of China and the China Nationalities Orchestra Society

Teaching Subject: Introduction to Instrumental Music Arranging